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Harnessing Energy to Mobilize & Empower


ECORE INTERNATIONAL L.L.C. was established on the foundations of Moaref family’s long legacy of experience and expertise in international trade . Today Ecore is active in Mobility, Power Storage, Renewable Power Generation, Commodities & Resources, and Intelligent Managment System to operate all such businesses in the most efficient and transparent manner. Hence, the business has been transformed into an entity where value creation for customers is executed through the culmination and use of state of the art business process automation along with products and services that challenge the traditional methods of doing business.

To serve its customers with world class aftersales technologies , Ecore has developed a wide variety of smart tools to equip its channel partners with cloud based methods and systems to handle complete consumer / product tracking and warranty /claim service, retail management system, integrated smart supply chain system, location services, and many more IoT enable Systems.

Ecore International headquarters are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with supplier and customer relationships in South Korea, Thailand, France, United States of America, Canada, GCC Countries (including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates), CIS countries (including Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Turkmenistan) and African countries such as Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya.


Ecore's fundamental values lie in its belief in long term relationship it forms with its suppliers, channel partners, and ultimately the consumers of its products and services it offers. This core value is only possible if it is translated into practice by recognizing and attempt to provide all its stakeholders WIN-WIN outcomes, Transparency, and Objective Data Driven Decision Making. It is important to recognize that in a world where data has become a free commodity, the only sustainable business model is one where value is created and transfered to all stakeholder in exchnage for financial returns and growth.      




Full Range of Battery Technologies

Ecore offers complete range of Automotive, Marine, and Industrial and Renewable Energy battery solutions. It is the exclusive marketing entity for Marshall brand of Batteries manufactured in Spain, Germany, and South Korea which are distributed to Middle East, Africa, and CIS countries.  


Solar Energy Harvesting, Storage, & Projects

Ecore offers state of the art solar technologies including but not limited to Solar glass, Solar PV panels, Solar batteries, UPS systems, and assists in total project execution of Solar Power Plants through collaboration with established EPC partners. 


Business Process Automation

Ecore offers its customers value added tools to allow its channel partners the ability to gain greater competitivness  through the advantages offered by business process automation such as real time data to reduce business risk, increase efficiency, and track all products through integration of IoT with ERP systems.

Media, Videos & Publications



Ecore signs agreement with World renowned european OE manufacturer for them to produce Marshall automotive starter batteries in Spain and Germany.
Ecore appoints distributors for Lebanon, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait for Marshall batteries after a successful Automechanika exhibition. 
Ecore launches ottopit.com , its retail concept "ottopit.com" which connects online consumers with service centers and multibrand battery suppliers.